Injection molding CAE
By pre-validating problems that may occur during mold development process, it facilitates preliminary R&D process of clients.

Injection molding CAE

  • Prevents problems through pre-validation using 3D molding simulation system (3D-TIMON)
  • Performs self-development in accordance with preceding research performed by customers and their demands and verifies mass-producibility

3D Molding Simulation System (3D-TIMON)

  • Select the best Gate, Runner System
  • Select the best cooling system
  • Decide the size of the mold taking into consideration the moldability/productivity/possibility of blow down
  • Decide the optimal efficiency and size of the injection molding machine
  • Injection mold the test-product/quality control
  • Problem analysis and improvement
What our clients can expect
Regarding the period of delivery
  • Shorter reliability test period due to less test injection molding
  • Shorter developing time due to shortened trouble shooting
  • Increase of the technical standardization rate and application in cooperative development.
Regarding productivity
  • Increased productivity due to optimized manufacturing process.
  • Increased probability of creating good products due to manufacturing of optimized molds
  • Increased productivity due to the manufacturing process being stored in a database