[Factory 2]Injection Division
Pre-validation with 3D Molding Simulation System (3D-TIMON) / Operates Normal and Electric Injection Machines (UBE)
MTK provides a One-Stop Service with full customization based on the best technology and the advanced equipment.
[Proto/Mass] Injection Molding and Products

Manufactures injection molds and products

  • Prevents problems through pre-validation using 3D molding simulation system (3D-TIMON)
  • Performs self-development in accordance with preceding research performed by customers and their demands and verifies mass-producibility

Compatible with small to large scales

  • The whole processes of one-stop service from molding to production utilizing a variety of equipment including units 6to 18 of CNC and 80 ton to 2,500 ton of normal and electric injection machines reflect the customers’ demand and enable manufacturing and delivering the optimal quality of molds and injection products.