[Factory 1] PU Foaming Division
Provides differentiated solutions based on over 30 years of experiences and competitiveness
in the field of mold development / Operates self-manufactured equipment
MTK provides differentiated solutions along with a one-stop service.
[Proto/Mass] Foaming Molds and Products

Manufactures foaming molds and products

  • Operates self-manufactured equipment based on accumulated mold development experiences and know-hows over 30 years since founded in 1987
  • Provides MTK’s differentiated solutions along with a one-stop service from molding to foaming products
  • Manufactures molding and foaming products with the optimal quality in proto and mass production in reflection of customers’ demands

Manufactures I.M.G molds and foaming products

  • Manufactures strong I.M.G molds using steel, which can be manufactured in a shorter amount of time with less money compared to the electroformed molds
  • Improves the quality and solves the problems of products manufactured by self-developed equipment after completion of molding, in reflection of customers’ demands

Scoring & Milling Fixture

  • Operates the self-manufactured Cold Knife equipment and manufactures PAB Ultra Sonic & Milling Fixture for mass production
  • Responds to quality-related problems by product types and modifies in reflection of customers’ demands

Checking Fixture

  • Developed a total assembly checking fixture for the first time in the country
  • Manufactures a variety of checking fixtures for proto and mass products and all exterior and interior parts